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  1. Richard Gonci
    April 26, 2015

    Dear Bill,

    I read with interest your defense of Dr. Oz in the NYT. You did not win me over, but it was a spirited effort. On a couple of points, I would beg to offer rebuttal. It is disingenuous in the extreme for the good Doctor to contend that he does not profit from his endorsements. As a creator and producer of series programming (“Breaking Ground” on HG/tv – seven years) I can tell you that anything that fills content space in your show redounds to the bottom line. As there is bare minimal production expense affiliated with “shilling,” every second associated with such broadcast “effort” is manna from heaven.

    As to the dodgy past of one of ten “distinguished doctors,” by your own statistical defense posture that means that a mere 10% of his major detractors can be readily discredited.

    I was troubled by the bold tagline: “It’s a daytime show, not a peer-reviewed journal.” To me, that’s precisely the problem. I also hold three EMMYs and a Peabody for producing and directing documentaries in the realm of science and public policy. Americans have taken to relying upon intellectual shorthand in making decisions in all arenas. Daytime television in the cum cynically plays on the lack of sophistication of its audience to pump up viewership. In this, Dr. Oz is certainly not alone.

    Full disclosure: I am an Androgel user. Two years ago, at age 63, I thought I was falling apart. BTW, I have been an elite rower for decades. Sure enough, a simple blood test revealed my “T” level was in the basement… no, the sub-basement. Within a very weeks I was my “old” self again. One medication helped me lower my weight by 30#, overcame chronic (though not clinical) depression, and restored my libido. The weight loss led to a complete cessation of joint pain in my knees and hips… for which I was on the verge of receiving cortisone injections. I had been on Lipitor, but soon my numbers were in the normal range. I am sounding like my own version of Dr. Oz here, but one medication alleviated the need for several. I get a full physical twice annually and monitor my “T” levels to make sure they stay in the normal range.

    Anyway, I am a big fan of “Outside” magazine. I wish you continued success in your estimable writing career.

    Richard Gonci

  2. Ms. Rosner
    April 27, 2015

    If you believe he’s not a quack, tell me how to get him the hell OFF my computer.


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