“The Price of Karma” | Popular Science Magazine May 2010


Greener than a Prius and hotter than a Maserati, the Fisker Karma promises to change the way the world thinks about electric cars. The only problem is that nobody outside the company has driven one yet.

Will Henrik Fisker tempt buyers into the electric age, or is he already a relic of the past?

Long, wide and low-slung, the car looks exotic, unplaceable. “It’s the length of a Mercedes CLS, the width of a BMW 7-series, and the height of a Porsche 911,” says the corporate spokesman at the wheel. The front end is so long that it must hold at least a V8, but in fact there is no discernible engine noise, only the quiet whine of electric motors. Instead, a pair of external speakers emits—for effect—a sound somewhere between a Formula One car and a starship.

The car is a racy four-door, with two more roomy seats behind us and trunk enough for two sets of golf clubs. Above us stretches a solar panel, built into the roof. And the whole thing is controlled by a cutting-edge touchscreen in the dash.

As we wheel into a fancy shopping center, I feel like James Bond arriving at MI6.


 “The Price of Karma” by Bill Gifford | Popular Science Magazine May 2010 | Photography: John B. Carnett

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